Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 years

April 20, 2009 I married my love.  We met in high school and instantly became great friends.  I have so many fun memories with him as a teenager.  I feel that this has made us closer as adults.  We knew each other back before we had to worry about the bills and who is going to change the baby's diaper. 

We have had our ups and downs, as everyone does.  It's the fact that we make it through them that makes us stronger.  I love us and I love the family we have created together. 

I fall in love with my husband a little more every day.  He is an amazing daddy and seeing him play with our kids melts my heart.  So Happy Anniversary to US and may we have many many many more years together! 

Friday, April 15, 2011


I have been trying very hard to organize and declutter my life.  This is a lot harder than it looks!  I have been reading up on some other blogs on how to start this process in order to get my foot in the door. 

Let me just tell you, I am a partial pack rat (OMG! did I really just admit that?!).  I have stuff from back when I was in elementary school (and probably older if I go through my boxes that are in my moms attic).  It is so hard for me to get rid of things when I have such strong memories attached to them.  Things, clothes, you name it and I have it tucked away somewhere.  I had every letter that anyone ever wrote me in school or otherwise all organized in a binder for years, before we moved 2 years ago I started going through them and getting rid of some of them.  The majority of the letters I got rid of are the ones I wish I still had as that person was killed in a hit and run car accident a little over a year ago now.  Needless to say the rest of the letters will remain tucked away in the binder for a rainy day laugh or cry. 

I have been going through my numerous clothes so that I can eliminate some of the never ending laundry that I have to do.  I hate getting rid of clothing, every time I do I want to wear what I got rid of, even if I haven't touched it in years!

I have a lot of paper!  It is everywhere!  I have a shredder, but it can't handle the paper that I have.  I'm thinking I may just need to start throwing it in the grill and light it on fire!  What do I need to do to control the paper?! 

Kids toys.  Enough said. haha.  They are everywhere!  I have been going through them slowly (so that it goes unnoticed) and they seem to find their way back.  hmmm....Maybe Toy Story isn't just a cartoon!!  What is a good way to contain that mess!?  I have a cubby shelf and bins, but my kids just dump them out and don't ever put things back from where they got them.  Ugh.  I am seriously thinking about donating a lot of them to ::gasp:: a preschool, women's center, or something...any suggestions?!

School Stuff.  Any one have a good suggestion of how to store my active school work?!  I am very organized with my class stuff, but it's all the syllabi that I have to keep for "future" reference (as the College says) that are starting to clutter up my life. 

I have been proud of myself for getting rid of my kids baby clothes though!  With my son I had his clothes (and still have some) in the event of having another boy.  Well, I had a girl and she is the last one I'm having.  I find it easier to get rid of her clothes because I pass them down to my best friend's little girl (the girls are 6 months apart). 

Any suggestions or ideas on how to tame the clutter would be greatly appreciated!!! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Wreckless Driver on I-75

I am posting twice today because I just have to share this story with you too.  I was riding while my dad was driving (both kids in tow) on I-75 Northbound coming back from my Grandpa's house, and there was an Orange Dodge Ram with an open long trailer on it (like a yard crew trailer) that came up very fast behind us then cut over about knocking somebody off the road.  This truck then proceeded to cut his way in  front of and into other peoples lanes. 
I was getting very nervous and then there it was.  The truck was next to my window.  There was not enough room between us and the car in front of us for this truck and trailer to get in front of us.  The driver was looking me right in the eye and cut over, his trailer was at mine and my daughters windows when he did this!!!  
My dad had to brake very hard to avoid getting hit by this evil man.  Then he continued to do this to the people in front of us and I had had it!  My adrenaline was pumping, he just risked my children's lives to be an asshole. I immediately called FL Highway Patrol, they kept saying "press 1 to..." I yelled into the phone "GIVE ME A FREAKING PERSON!" the line hung up on me.  I called 911 and they put me through to FHP.  While explaining where this truck was on I-75, the truck, in front of us at this point but not close, cut off a small Kia Spectra causing them to literally turn sideways they had to brake so hard.  My instinct reaction was a slight scream and panic sounding OH MY GOD!  HE JUST BARELY MISSED THAT CAR!!!! THIS JACKASS IS GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY!!!!! The cop was ON THE PHONE with me!  He took all the info I could give him and my father and I exited the Interstate.  I was a total ball of adrenaline pumped nerves by this point and needed to get off that road! 

I pray they caught this man and had a reason to take him to jail.  Too many precious lives were at stake for him to get away with doing that. 

His Story (History)

This past weekend I got to go spend time with my Grandpa.  I love this man.  He is 83 and still lives out in the country (unfortunately alone now since my Grandma passed away in 2009) and loves to work around his house.  I love talking to him because he knows so much about the past.  HE LIVED IT!  He has the best views and information on history that you just can't read about in a book. 

While there me and my Grandpa snuck away to the grocery store (woohoo my kids were with other family members!) and that is when I got a new history lesson from him. 

The topic for today's lesson, The March of Dimes.  http://www.marchofdimes.com/mission/history_indepth.html

I have always wondered how this organization that helps premature babies chose the name March of Dimes.  I have asked numerous people over the course of my life why the name March of Dimes, and not a single one knew. 

My Grandpa does!

As we approached the register my Grandpa had seen the signs "Please donate to the March of Dimes", and immediately looked at the cashier (a woman apx in her late 60's) and said "I thought the March of Dimes went out of business?!" the lady was confused and said "Nope. Don't know why you thought that".  My Grandpa snickers and says "Well I remember when they were first starting around 60 years ago, I'm amazed they are still around.  What a blessing."  The lady looked at him like he was crazy. (I am going to add that my Grandpa does not look 83!)  As we walked out I asked him about this comment!  This was his reply about the March of Dimes.
  "Back when I was a young man in my early 20's they used to set up long tables.  People would line up their dimes touching each other until they filled the table, then they would add more tables.  At one point the lines of dimes became very very long, over 15 feet long! They rows of dimes looked so uniform, people started calling it 'The March of Dimes'".  I looked at him and went REALLY?!  That's how the name march of dimes came about?!  He said yes, he wasn't sure what it was called before that or if it had a name, people could afford to put a dime down and that was all they required as a donation so lots of people would donate.  It just became known as the March of Dimes because of the "Marching Dimes" that filled the tables.

Interesting to know?!  I think so. They don't even mention that in their own history! 

Me and My amazing Grandpa!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rough Mornings and Birthday Planning

I am so very thankful to have two happy healthy children.  I really miss my sleeping in mornings though. haha.  Why is it that when you really need to sleep, your kids will wake up as soon as the sun does?!  Blake decided to make himself breakfast with leftovers from dinner last night. :o)   My little man is growing up way too fast for me.  Which brings me to a good point. 


I am going to be creating an inexpensive train theme.  He asked for this, and he has even told me what his cake needs to be like!  I am so excited that he has reached this stage and can really enjoy his birthday party!!!  I will be posting more on that later.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Today is the day!

Today I decided to start a blog.  This in itself is a new adventure for me.  I wanted a place to share my experiences. 
     Hopefully I will get good at this blogging thing.  Here we go!

Today was a good day.  I woke up and went to the college to pay for my summer classes.  Woohoo!  I just paid for my final classes to receive my AA degree!   I am so excited that I will have this soon.  I remember the day I started college, I felt like I was working hard and seeing nothing in return.  Well, I am about to get the first physical reward for all of my hard work.  I could not be any more excited or proud right now.  I have applied for graduation also.  EEK!  haha  In just about the same time it takes to finish High School I will become a Dr!  I hope I can make my husband, my children, and my family very proud. 

So blog post one is now officially in the books!