Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day Frames

My friend Brooke puts some amazing ideas on a budget on her blog Inside-Out Design.  It was after seeing her post on making a picture frame into something so much more that I got an idea of my own.  I was wondering if her technique would work with sand too!  So after asking Brooke what she thought I set out to the store in search of Mod Podge. 

I wanted to make a picture frame covered in sand to match our new family pictures that were taken on the beach. 

I found some clearance frames for $3.00!  Then found the Mod Podge, then I was at a loss.  I did not know it came in a Glossy Finish and a Matte Finish.  I pondered on my project for a moment and went with the Matte Finish.  I wanted the sand to look like sand. 

Frame Before

Sand, Matte Mod Podge, Sponge brushes, Frames, Timer, and a Plastic Bowl to put Mod Podge in (not pictured)
My handsome little helper Blake

1. First we painted the frames face as well as the inner and outer edges.

2. We placed the frames in the sand and pushed it up against all areas that had been painted with glue.  The picture above is what it looked like after one coat.

3. After allowing 15 minutes to dry, we painted the glue over the sand and dipped it in the sand again.

4. Repeat Step 3 until desired look.

2nd Dip

4th and Final Dip

5. After reaching the desired look, allow to dry 15 minutes.  Then thickly cover entire front and inner and outer edges with Mod Podge again. 

 6. Repeat step 5 after allowing frame to dry.

7. After allowing front of frame to dry, flip it over and seal the back with Mod Podge as well.

8. Repeat step 7 after allowing frame to dry.

Frame Detail

Finished Product!

I think they came out just as I had hoped!!!   Thank you for the inspiration Brooke!!!

**I used the timer because it allowed my son to know when it was time to start again.  It worked out great! Not having to hear "Is it time yet?" made the project more enjoyable for bothe of us!**


Yesterday (May 16, 2011) was a very important day in my life.  I graduated college with my A.A. degree!  I currently have a GPA of 3.94 which has earned me High Honors so I recieved a Yellow Stole.  There were not many graduates with these yellow stoles so we stood out.

As all of the graduates were trying to line up into two lines by group (High Honors, Honors, Everyone else) I had already been standing where they wanted the High Honors to go, so everyone sort of lined up behind me.

Well guess what?!

Being that I was in the front, I was the first graduate in line marching behind the lead professor.  When I walked in the entire audience stood and applauded.  It was AMAZING and made me teary eyed. 

Then as my amazingly lucky day would have it, I happened to be leading the row that got to cross the stage first!

I was the FIRST graduate to walk across that stage, more than 300 grads walked behind me!  I got the longest stroll by myself across the stage because of this too.

I had been so nervous that my husband would get stuck at work and not make it, so whenever I got to see him the first place I wanted to be was in his arms.  He had made it and was so proud of me.

I love this picture, I didn't know it was being taken.

My best friend and her daughter came to my graduation too!  It meant the world to me that she was there.  There is no greater gift than a true friend.  I love her! 
My Dad and Mom were super proud!

My family and my cute lil niece <3

I have been working so hard to get to this point.  One degree down and two more to go!  Here We Go!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day

  I cannot believe that it is almost mothers day.  I remember my first mother's day like it was yesterday.  It was the day I got to bring home my first child.  That was the best mother's day gift that I could ever have, I got to bring my baby home with me.  My second mother's day was my handsome son's 1st birthday, and again this was a great way to celebrate mothers day.  I love that I get to celebrate mother's day by celebrating my son's birthday.  It makes me happy to see my child so happy.  What better gift to a mother than the smile of her child?!  

I am making mother's day gifts for my mom and mom in law with my son.  My daughter is still a little too small for this activity (as we are "painting" with mod podge).  I will post pictures whenever they are finished!  I got the idea for this gift from a friend of mine who is super crafty!  I will include a link to her blog whenever I post my final results!  :o)  

Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful Moms out there!