Monday, April 11, 2011

The Wreckless Driver on I-75

I am posting twice today because I just have to share this story with you too.  I was riding while my dad was driving (both kids in tow) on I-75 Northbound coming back from my Grandpa's house, and there was an Orange Dodge Ram with an open long trailer on it (like a yard crew trailer) that came up very fast behind us then cut over about knocking somebody off the road.  This truck then proceeded to cut his way in  front of and into other peoples lanes. 
I was getting very nervous and then there it was.  The truck was next to my window.  There was not enough room between us and the car in front of us for this truck and trailer to get in front of us.  The driver was looking me right in the eye and cut over, his trailer was at mine and my daughters windows when he did this!!!  
My dad had to brake very hard to avoid getting hit by this evil man.  Then he continued to do this to the people in front of us and I had had it!  My adrenaline was pumping, he just risked my children's lives to be an asshole. I immediately called FL Highway Patrol, they kept saying "press 1 to..." I yelled into the phone "GIVE ME A FREAKING PERSON!" the line hung up on me.  I called 911 and they put me through to FHP.  While explaining where this truck was on I-75, the truck, in front of us at this point but not close, cut off a small Kia Spectra causing them to literally turn sideways they had to brake so hard.  My instinct reaction was a slight scream and panic sounding OH MY GOD!  HE JUST BARELY MISSED THAT CAR!!!! THIS JACKASS IS GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY!!!!! The cop was ON THE PHONE with me!  He took all the info I could give him and my father and I exited the Interstate.  I was a total ball of adrenaline pumped nerves by this point and needed to get off that road! 

I pray they caught this man and had a reason to take him to jail.  Too many precious lives were at stake for him to get away with doing that. 

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  1. That's insane!! I would have been freaking out too! Glad you guys are okay and I really hope they caught that psyco.