Monday, April 11, 2011

His Story (History)

This past weekend I got to go spend time with my Grandpa.  I love this man.  He is 83 and still lives out in the country (unfortunately alone now since my Grandma passed away in 2009) and loves to work around his house.  I love talking to him because he knows so much about the past.  HE LIVED IT!  He has the best views and information on history that you just can't read about in a book. 

While there me and my Grandpa snuck away to the grocery store (woohoo my kids were with other family members!) and that is when I got a new history lesson from him. 

The topic for today's lesson, The March of Dimes.

I have always wondered how this organization that helps premature babies chose the name March of Dimes.  I have asked numerous people over the course of my life why the name March of Dimes, and not a single one knew. 

My Grandpa does!

As we approached the register my Grandpa had seen the signs "Please donate to the March of Dimes", and immediately looked at the cashier (a woman apx in her late 60's) and said "I thought the March of Dimes went out of business?!" the lady was confused and said "Nope. Don't know why you thought that".  My Grandpa snickers and says "Well I remember when they were first starting around 60 years ago, I'm amazed they are still around.  What a blessing."  The lady looked at him like he was crazy. (I am going to add that my Grandpa does not look 83!)  As we walked out I asked him about this comment!  This was his reply about the March of Dimes.
  "Back when I was a young man in my early 20's they used to set up long tables.  People would line up their dimes touching each other until they filled the table, then they would add more tables.  At one point the lines of dimes became very very long, over 15 feet long! They rows of dimes looked so uniform, people started calling it 'The March of Dimes'".  I looked at him and went REALLY?!  That's how the name march of dimes came about?!  He said yes, he wasn't sure what it was called before that or if it had a name, people could afford to put a dime down and that was all they required as a donation so lots of people would donate.  It just became known as the March of Dimes because of the "Marching Dimes" that filled the tables.

Interesting to know?!  I think so. They don't even mention that in their own history! 

Me and My amazing Grandpa!

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