Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Challenge Day 10

Some of the craziest yet unbelievably fun times in my life were with this chick, my Nik.
We were some hell raisers together. haha
We were as close as two friends could be, then all of a sudden we were apart and didn't talk for a few years. Those details have since been swept under the rug and we have picked up a decent friendship again, although some days I wish we were close like we used to be.
She still makes me laugh and is still as crazy as ever, hence her nickname...MONKEY!!
I gave her a monkey friendship necklace on her 16th birthday that I still have my part of :o) that was 10 or so years ago ;o) hehehe
I am thankful that we reconnected and that we have rekindled our friendship. It means so much to me.

So to you, Monkey, thank you for being my friend and my past partner in crime. Without you there would have been a lot of dull moments. Love ya!

Oh and P.S., no running into any carport posts....ok?! hahahahaha

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