Sunday, January 1, 2012

Challenge Day 5

Okay, I know that day 5 and 6 are late, however, it was the beginning of a new year. So I am going to put them all up today. :o)

Challenge Day 5

These are my favorite memories. The first time I held each of my children. I can remember when they were placed in my arms and how amazing it felt.

With my first child, my son Blake, I was in total shock. I could not believe this 8 lb 5 oz bundle of cuteness had just come out of my belly. He was mine and I created him. I remember feeling his soft skin and just wanting to hurry up and make sure he had all of his fingers and toes. But I wasn't able to before being whisked away into another room. Once in the new room I just stared at my baby. He was so alert and looking at everything. My sweet little handsome.

My second child, my daughter Brianna, amazed me. When she came out weighing a whopping 8 lb 10 oz I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. I wanted to hear that beautiful cry of her first breath, I just begged her to keep crying until I could hold her so that I knew she was ok. After all, I had been in labor with her for almost 3 weeks on bed rest. I wanted to make sure she had not been affected by that. When they placed her in my arms I cried, I just fell so in love with this beautiful little girl. She and I held each others gaze and tuned out everyone else for quite awhile.

These two, my babies, are my entire world. They have grown up so much since these pictures. But just looking at these pictures takes me right back to those first precious moments with them.

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