Sunday, January 8, 2012

Challenge Day 14

Today I am writing about some one I could not live without. This person would have to be Jen. Jen and I met in High School, we knew each other, but never really hung out. Whenever she was pregnant with her first child, I planned a baby shower for her with the help of my friend Brandy. We lost touch after she had her son, and it wasn't until my first year of college (2008) when I ran back into her in the Math Lab. We exchanged numbers and said our hope to see you again soons.

Well, we did start to keep in touch. We would talk on the phone, and then we would meet up every now and then so our sons could play. Little did we realize how much we had in common. She became the person that without talking to her my life seemed to overwhelm me. No matter what was going on I had to be able to talk to her. We would make sure to see each other all the time and our boys loved playing together despite their 3 1/2 year age difference. Then our daughters came into the picture. Oh my goodness, these two little princesses love each other so much. I love that our children are good friends just as we are. It makes it more enjoyable when we get to see each other.

We just enjoy each other, whether it's venting and crying or joking around and cracking up laughing.

Our friendship has grown more than I ever could have imagined. She is a sister, not a friend. We are always there for each other and will help each other out in whatever way we can. It is really nice knowing you have a friend like this in your corner.

I am forever grateful that I ran into her that day in the Math Lab. I discovered a friendship I never could have imagined.

Jen, I love ya lady and I am so glad you put up with me the way you do!! haha ;o)

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